The struggle is real! - Video Promo

Wow! What a crazy month it has been. It's currently 11:42 pm and my project is due in under 15 minutes, my computer is out of space, my rendering program wont work and I still have to up load my project to my teacher.. Oh man! 

But hey, that's the reality of life! Most things don't run smoothly, and that is okay! You just keep on pushing forward even when you seem to be stuck in the middle of a circus. 

I am so excited to share with you my video promo! A collection of some of my work which I hope you will really enjoy! - It's been an adventurous past year both personally and artistically and I can't wait for what's to come! 



It's OK to say NO!


It's raining, it's pouring, 
I wish that I was snoring, 
Should have went to bed, 
Stayed up instead, 
Hated myself in the morning. 

I have not been able to sleep for the life of me for about a week. Constant tossing and turning. - This has effected my motivation for pretty much everything. I sat in my bed last night for three hours with all my work piled around me and for the first three hours I couldn't even pick up the first piece of paper; do you ever have those days? Days where you can be productive but for some reason you just don't. Maybe your tired, maybe your stressed, maybe there is no obvious reason at all. Either way, don't be hard on yourself. We all get those days, where we put off our work, where we are tired and just staying awake is a struggle. That is OK. We are only human, we are not machines and we can not be on a constant level of GO GO GO. 

I allowed myself to slack off last night (not at the cost off screwing myself or anyone over though!) because I knew that I would have time tonight to get my crap together. Some times we just need to allow our selves to relax, push the work aside, do something that relaxes us, tell our family no, tonight I'm resting, tell your papers - you can wait, tell your body "I give you permission to crash", and then come back to the pile tomorrow. - I find for myself at least if I don't allow myself time to rest, time to do some self care that I am not productive. Whenever I am tired or stressed I'm less creative, less of myself then I would like to be. I have learned that it is much better for my work flow if I take some time to walk away from the work and rest my mind and body. Then I come back to my work, rested and ready to go. 

So today, allow your self a break, allow your self some time to say "I need a break", it's okay to say NO, it's okay to take time for you self , it's okay to not always be 100%. Allow your self that. Life can get so busy so quickly that we often forget to take care of our needs. 

Rest and reload! And don't forget to take it easy on yourself <3 


Self Portraits

"She was finding her self within all of the dark corners, 
learning to love all of her imperfections, 
finding the light shining through all of the cracks." 

I find as an artist as cheesy as it sounds self portraits are very important and can help you become more in touch with your self and your emotions, which in my opinion makes a better artist. To me, the best kind of art is filled with emotion, bad or good. Something the viewer can relate to, something that evokes an emotion, something that causes you to think or feel. 

There was a long period of time that I HATED being in front of the camera, but as I start becoming more self aware, more accepting, more confident I am trying to take regular self portraits. - This allows both me and the viewer to take a step inside my mind, feel what I feel or come up with their own concept of meaning. Because to me art IS emotion. 

So get out your camera and get creative! Start taking those shameless selfies and get in touch with yourself! 


Coffee and good friends

What is better then coffee and chats with one of your best friends? - It's moments like these that remind me just how blessed I am. No matter what is going on in life I have a few close friends who have always been there for me, supporting me, loving me, encouraging me and reminding me how strong I am when I feel so weak. 

You only get one life so make sure to fill it with the things and people that you love! One of the few things that remains when we pass is the love that we shared with others, good thing for us our hearts are capable of endless love if we are willing to leave our self open to it. 

Raising a Four year old..

Four year olds..

Raising a four year old.. Oh man! - These past couple of months have been so up and down. At this age it is normal for a child to test the limits, to test your patience, to be the sweetest living thing one moment and the most horrible the next. 

Sophie has been a roller coaster of emotions, a little tornado of personality and sass. It's in these moments that I try to stop and remind myself that she is growing and learning who she is. These moments when she drives me completely crazy I try to remember that she is only four, such a small number. To be honest, it's very hard to always have patients, they cry over the smallest of things, they don't fully know how to communicate emotions and when they do try, it comes off as rude even when they don't mean it to. 

Here we are trying to teach them so much but they teach us just as much, if not more. The remind us to take a step back in our busy days, they teach us unconditional love because in those moments where I feel like I'm doing every single possible thing wrong as a mother she says or does something that pulls me back, grounds me and reminds me that I am doing just fine at being a mom. None of us are perfect but we do the best with what we know and half the time all we know how to do is love them. 

Being a mother of a four year old reminds me that life is short so do what makes you happy. Do not dwell, have patients with people and with your self. It reminds me that life is beautiful despite the ups and downs and it's the ups and downs that shape us. It reminds me that no matter what happens I will be okay, and that in life all you can do is keep on truckin'.